Enhanced Split and Timer

First off. A timer. IT’s one of the nifty features of Q10 that I think would be a nice touch. Setting ones’s self a timed writing challenge is always a thing for writers but not having to go to an external app or such would be nice.

The second one is a little more complex. I don’t know how many other writers do this but I tend to work from Long raw drafts that I then split into varuos folders and files for organizational purpses (it was one of the major selling points of Scrivener

Now as is it works great if you’re doing it in a straight linear A, B, C, approach. But what if you wanted to split just B out from a larger block . I would like to see an easy enhanced split that would if B is selected, create two splits. On at the begining of the selection and one at the end of the selction. essentially breaking it into threee around a middle Piece. It can be done now manually, and with cut and paste but I dunno. it’d be nice if we could do it as easily as linear splitting.