Enhancements to Edit Scrivenings

I’ll try to be brief and apologies in advance if I missed that these requests were already covered somewhere else in the forum or help.

  • There is no need for the “Edit Selection” menu item. Edit Scrivenings should always use the current selection as its scope.
  • If a selection of folders/files is made, I should still be able to filter on whether to edit by included or excluded Draft items.
  • It would be awesome to be able to Edit Scrivenings based on a label and/or keyword filter.
  • If an unexpanded folder is selected, Edit Scrivenings should assume that the folder and its contents have been selected.

Great App! I’m still in my trial period, but even after only a day, I think I’m in love.

Do a search for whatever metadata you require, select all search results, press Cmd-Opt-4. If you do this a lot, consider making a saved search.

Isn’t that how it already works? Perhaps I am misunderstanding, but if I select an unexpanded folder or container and press Cmd-Opt-1, I get all of the contents too; recursively. By example, if I select Draft and press Cmd-Opt-1 the whole book gets included. This is what happens for me at any rate.

Your other points regarding existing behaviour, I basically agree with all of that. It’s always seemed to me as though there are user enacted modes where there should be internal automatic logic. The only choice I should be faced with is excluded content or not.

Amber, thank you for your suggestion. It never occurred to me to use the top-level search for statuses. Worked like a champ.

As for the folder selection, I agree that when I select the Draft folder, Edit Scrivenings drills down into every folder and subfolder as its scope. But if I simply select the Chapter1 and Chapter2 folders within Draft, even though these folders are not expanded, Edit Scrivenings seems to only use the top level of these folders for its scope. If I only select 1 unexpanded folder, the scope seems to work as I would expect.

It’s a minor nit. I am basically just playing around with how I want to structure things, and I am beginning to think that the best answer might be to keep the contents of Draft flat (i.e. no folders).

I second the request to simplify the Edit Scrivenings Selection options. Something to make them more intuitive. And maybe the Edit Scrivenings command should be more visibile in the menu, i.e. I suggest it is given a more prominent position (for example at the very top of the menu), … aaand maybe it will benefit from a different choice of keystrokes? Cmd-Opt-4 is akward (I’m obsessed with keystrokes since my ibook trackpad started behaving erratically). But I know Keith is overhauling the menus for the 1.5 release, so maybe he already dealt with these details.

I find the Cmd-opt combination to be one of the most comfortable, actually. It is easy to hit both keys with your thumb and then the number with a finger. I’m sure it depends on the keyboard though.