Enlarged font when pasting into Scrivener?

Everytime I paste text into my scrivener project from Microsoft Word it enlarges it? Example; I’ll past in 12 font and it appears in 16 font? Anyone else have this problem? Thanks, MFB

Are you doing Menu → Edit → Paste, or Menu → Edit → Paste Match Style ?

Yes, just tried both. I WAS just using “Command V.” But even with your suggestions, I have to manually choose FONT 12 “IN” Scrivener first, or by default it takes everything to font size 16? I can’t just copy the text in Microsoft, which is in font size 12, and paste it in Scrivener without it being enlarged?

I wonder if there’s a default font Size setting I’m missing.
I TRULY apprecaite your response!

There seems to be two different things going on. Firstly, it is 100% impossible for plain-text to change your font size when you paste it, and that’s what Paste and Match Style is doing—it’s just another way of saying “paste as plain text”. The only way to get 16pt text when using that command is if your text at the point that you paste into is already 16pt.

So you probably need to double-check your defaults, and make sure they are actually what you want, so you aren’t constantly battling against something you have full control over.

The other issue is copying 12pt text from a rich text program and it pasting as 16pt text. Sorry, I can’t explain that one at all, I do not understand how that could happen in theory. My guess is that this isn’t what’s really happening, because that doesn’t make sense all by itself.

Also, I’m sure this isn’t the case, but do be aware of the concept of magnification. Both Scrivener and Word are capable of increasing or decreasing the display of text in a way that has nothing to do with its formatting. In Scrivener, make sure it reads "100%’ in the footer bar below the editor, on the left side. There should be a similar, though probably more complicated, control somewhere in Word, too. Given how Word doesn’t use native Mac text display technology, it may well not display text at the same size even if both are 100%, too. But of course this all has nothing to do with formatting, which doesn’t sound like what you’re describing.


Possibly. The Project → Project Settings → Formatting pane defines the default formatting for this project; Scrivener → Scrivener Preferences → Editing → Formatting sets the default Scrivener-wide.

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And when trialing the paste, do make sure you are working with a fresh new doc in Scriv, in order to make sure the trouble isn’t being caused by pasting into one particular anomalous spot in a particular doc (that got set to 16pt somehow).

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New documents start with the default format from Preferences.

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That was it! I had to reset the preferences. I feel embarrassed, HA!—:slight_smile: Simple.
Thanks to everyone!!

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Okay, it’s back. I’ve tried everything again. Any help please? I write in 12 font in Microsoft word; Copy and paste it back into Scrivener and it enlarges the text to 16. It ALSO has widen spaces between lines?

I’ve tried everything. Any thoughts will be much appreciated.


Try Menu: Edit → Paste Match Style … if that doesn’t work, then just change it to what you want and get on with writing is my best advice. If it’s fonts that matter, best to use Word as that’s what it’s really good at. Scrivener is for writing. It’s just a computer.

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Hi, Michael.

Don’t have Word and don’t have Calibri, but I would check:

  1. If Word is using a named style (character and / or paragraph style) and if Scrivener is trying to match that style when pasting.
  2. If it works if you use a different font in Word.
  3. If it works if you use the same font in Word and Scrivener (can’t see the font name in Word in the video so don’t know if you are already doing this).
  4. If you save a Word file and then import that into Scrivener, does the formatting also dance the gremlin jig?

Good luck. Peace, too.


Thanks for the kind input- good ideas! No time now to try until later today, or tomorrow. But will do. I DO appreciate ALL! I will give you my test results–:slight_smile: Grazie again.

Actually had a chance to try before I took off today traveling; and what I found, is that I have to do Paste and Match formatting in WORD first, and ALSO, paste and match style in Scrivener to get it to work. Hopefully that’s all. THANKS SWM and RMS!

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Hope it is a long-lasting solution for you.

Best of luck with your work.

I got fed up with similar things happening that I switched the keyboard shortcuts for Paste and Paste and Match Style around using Apple > Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts. Also switched them in Apple Numbers. These seem the more logical functions to me. (I got it wrong on a previous Mac swapping them for all applications which those without a Paste and Match Style option, such as MacVim, used to bitch about. Now I swap them application by application.)

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Good idea—Thanks reepicheep!–: )