Enter not creating new bullet point

Pressing enter after creating a bulleted list does not create a new bullet point. This is endlessly frustrating for obvious reasons.

It should, and it does on my system.

Could you tell me which version of Scrivener you have, please, and with which version of Mac OS?

Also, make sure you only press enter once. Pressing it twice will terminate the list and give you a “normal” paragraph.

Tested it a bit more. This is a mac-exclusive issue, and the problem occurs when creating a bullet point with a specific ‘style’ set. After typing something on the first bullet point and pressing ‘Enter’, the text reverts to ‘No style’ without a bullet point instead of making a new bullet point with the same style as the previous line.

What is the defined “next style”?

You can style bulleted text, but it’s not possible to make “bulleted list” part of the specification for a style.