Entering Line Breaks in iOS [Control-Enter on Mac]


Does anyone know if Scrivener for iOS supports entering line breaks? This is accomplished in the Mac version by pressing Control-Enter, which simply breaks the line instead of creating a new paragraph.

I use this heavily with Scrivener’s scriptwriting features, allowing for breaks and spacing within character dialogue.

Thanks much!

Just in case anyone else is screenwriting and trying to put line breaks in their dialogue on an iOS device, here’s what I’ve found out so far:

When entering dialogue, Control-Enter does NOT maintain dialogue styling like it does on a Mac. It switches to Action every time.

Two work-arounds:

  1. Add a trailing space to your dialouge, then back up and press enter before the trailing space. This keeps the new line set as dialogue.


  1. Hit enter (which switches to Action) and then press Command-Option-5 (which switches back to dialogue).

Hope this helps anyone else in a similar situation…