entering objects in scrivener

haven’t used screener in a while and loving it still. i see there are places and characters but no objects. i realise there can be many ways do to do this any suggestions. by objects i mean knife, pencil and tying it to character ,scene or the whole story and relevance. sorry if this a stupid question

My favorite way to track people and things through a story is using the “keywords” feature of Scrivener. You can also create a folder for documents that describe objects. Combined, they’re a pretty powerful toolset for keeping up with significant objects.

By assigning keywords to any document related to an object, you can make use of the search tool in the toolbar, which can be limited to just searching keywords. This will result in a search result of all documents with that keyword assigned to it.

Here’s an article on how to track characters with keywords; advice that applies equally to tracking objects: pigfender.com/index.php/2013 … -keywords/

Note that you can easily create an “object” template if you like. Duplicate either the “character” or “place” template, whichever is closest to what you want, rename it, and modify it to suit your needs.