Entire project keeps getting corrupted

I have started a project twice now. I get my project organized and ready to type away. I get my first few scenes written and suddenly the file is corrupt. Scrivener closes and from then on refuses to open that project. Even in windows I can’t delete the project folder or cut it because the directory is corrupt.

Any ideas as to why all of a sudden my program won’t save my work? I’m getting really frustrated.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having repeated corruption issues with your project.

Where do you have Scrivener saving your project? Are you saving to the Documents folder on your PC? Or to your PC’s desktop? Does your PC use OneDrive to back up your documents and desktop files?

Or, are you saving your Scrivener project to a cloud server like Google Drive?

If you’re using Google Drive or OneDrive to store your project, I suggest saving it locally on your PC’s hard drive instead. Both of those cloud servers have caused Scrivener project corruption issues for others.

If your project is stored locally on your hard drive and continues to corrupt, then I’d suggest checking any file-management software your PC has installed. Checking your anti-virus software’s settings could also be helpful. One of those tools might be affecting Scrivener’s performance.

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I’ve been storing all my projects on a USB drive attached to my computer. I’ll try saving it to the PC itself and see what happens. Thank you for your help!

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