how can I format an epigraph/epigram in Scrivener?

For Latex Export I can use:

Is there a style for an epigram for the Export-Format: “Paperback Novel”?

Thank you


I’m not familiar with LaTeX, so I’m not sure about what exactly is communicated by the syntax you specify, other than the fact that you are passing a quotation and its attribution into some sort of formatting procedure, with the “0 pt” bit removing the ruled line that would otherwise be inserted between the quotation and the attribution.

In Scrivener, the pre-built Paperback Novel format doesn’t explicitly handle this, but it is easy for you to set up your own formats for epigraphs (or, indeed, any other specially-formatted text):

  • If you only have one epigraph, you could just type it into your document in the correct position, format it as required, then select the text and use Format > Formatting > Preserve Formats to maintain the formats during the compile process. The Options… button in the Formatting compile pane lets you specify which aspects of the format are preserved.
  • If you have several epigraphs and want to standardise their formats, you could use presets to define the formatting of both the quotation and the attribution (via the Format > Formatting menu option), using Format > Formatting > Preserve Formats to make sure that the formatting is carried through into the compiled output. Have a look at the Essay Block Quote (Preserved) preset to see how this works.
  • You could add each epigraph as a separate document in the correct position in the draft, and format it to look just as you want the text to appear. During the Compile process, specify that the document is compiled “as is” (to maintain your hand-crafted formatting).

I hope this gives you a few ideas. Sections 14.4.6 and 23.8.3 of the User Manual (Mac version) contain more details about preserving formats.


Thank you for your reply.

Yes, the Latex code creates a right aligned quotation+author
without the line between them.

Your suggestions are what I was looking for.
Thank you once more.



You’re welcome!