EPUB 3 compile never completes

I just updated from Scrivener 2 to Scrivener 3, and I imported all my compile presets.

For my EPUB preset, I am still able to compile EPUB 2, but when I try to compile EPUB 3, the compile never completes.

The progress bar fills up with blue, but then nothing happens. The compile panel never goes away, and the EPUB file is never created. The “Compile” button does remain active, and if I click it again, Scrivener tries again to compile, but again nothing happens once the progress bar fills up with blue.

As a test, will the same project compile to the standard Scrivener-supplied ebook format? That will help to identify if the project, the compiler, or the user’s project format is causing the problem.

ePub 3 is a very different beast to ePub 2, so your old compile settings might not be able to output an ePub 3 file.

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Slàinte mhòr.

Thanks for the responses! I forgot to check the notify option, so I didn’t realize this thread had replies.

@JoRo The built-in Ebook format does work. Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll create a new project format based on the built-in one.

@auxbuss I’m sure there are plenty of weird characters in this project. If I run into issues adapting the built-in Ebook format, I’ll be sure to try the binary chop approach. Thanks!

Could you please zip up and send the problematic project to us at Mac.support AT literatureandlatte.com? This is almost certainly a bug, so I’d like to look at the project to find what is triggering it.


Zipped and sent. Thanks!

Thanks for the project! I’ve reproduced the issue and replied to your email with the solution, which is to rename the image in your project that just uses the speech mark punctuation for its title. (I’ve also fixed the underlying bug for the next update.)

Your project helped me solve a couple of other issues you were having, too, which I have addressed in the other threads.

Incidentally, in looking at your project, I have a couple of tips:

  1. At the moment your ebook table of contents cannot be clicked. I recommend using different front matter for your ebook and PDF files, and providing a fully-clickable ToC for the ebook using Scrivener links.

  2. At the moment your “PDF” and “Epub” Compile formats are available for all file types, which means that you have to select them manually when you switch formats. I recommend editing the formats and making it so that the “Epub” format is not available for “PDF” or “Print”, or anything other than ebook formats. When editing the Compile format, simply click on the gear menu next to the name of the file format above the options list on the left, then deselect any file types that aren’t relevant for the format. If you do this, then when you switch between "PDF and “Epub 2” in the file type selector at the top of the main Compile panel, Scrivener will automatically switch to the correct format on the left.

  3. Currently you have your PDF set up to use “Chapter <$t>” in headers. Autonumbering does not work in headers or footers, and it will not grab the number of the chapter. I would recommend just having the book name there instead.

All the best,

Thanks for all the tips and excellent support! Really helpful.