EPUB : all in one XHTML file ?!?

Hello, I’m trying to get a book to compile to different formats (epub, RTF and PDF).
I want to edit the epub output in Sigil, But the epub file containe only two XHTML, Contents and a huge “body”. that contains all the book.
I looked in project options, could not find a switch. It is clearly not “as it should”, It should be hundreds of files.
What did I do wrong?

The thing to check for in the compile overview area is that middle column. What you want to do is pair what should be a chapter in your Draft with one of the designed layouts that includes a section break indicator along the top. To get there, click the “Assign” button along the bottom of the preview column. On the left are your document types, you select the one that should represent a chapter, and then scroll through the options to find the one that best suits the look you want.

If you have a problem of types not being precise enough (maybe al scenes and chapters are using the same type), then I’d recommend going through the interactive tutorial on how to set up types. It’s the kind of thing that a template will have set up for you, if you follow its guidelines, but if you started from blank you may need to create a couple of types to distinguish between regular scene breaks and chapter breaks.

This is all a bit vague, so if it doesn’t make sense, post a little info on how you have things set up, and we can help.

So many thanks AmberV, it is just what I needed ! :slight_smile:
Now it works exactly like I need it !