ePub Cover Woes

I broke my cover for ePub. My own darn fault, but now I can’t recreate a cover. Can anybody help me? Is anybody out there? Bueller?

I assumed it was easy to add a custom cover, but I can’t figure it out to save my life.

I’m going to bed. All help is greatly appreciated.

If I’m understanding your question, you want to put your cover image file in the front matter somewhere.

To save space in the .scriv file, I do it like this:

  1. Select on the Title Page
  2. Choose File/Import Research Files as Aliases…
  3. Select the image file. Things will look like this:

  1. In the compile dialog, do this:

Oh my God. You’re a lifesaver. Can we swear in the forums? I swear like a sailor and I’m constantly having to edit myself.

To say that you’re a lifesaver is an understatement to me. To say that you’re a f***ing lifesaver is more accurate. Thank you thank you thank you.