Epub fails to compile, PDF compiles fine

Error msg when compiling with EPUB option. Seems to occur randomly. But if some things will not print as EPUB, they will always succeed as PDF. Appears if it fails, there is no print file at all.

Here is the message.

Could not create title information for all files. Not all files successfully created title information so not all files were written to disk.

Based on a search of the forums for “title information”, possibly related to unusual (blank?) name for some item in the binder, most likely in the manuscript/draft area?

See viewtopic.php?f=2&t=28032&start=0&hilit=title+information

Hope that helps. Apologies if not.

Here is a screenshot. Unless I insure NONE of the items in “Front Matter” have a check to be included in the compilation of an EPUB, the compilation will abort with the above mentioned error.

These are simple text files with the exception of the “Cover Image”.

Without any obvious reason, or difference in my methods of using the program, epubs have started to compile properly.


I guess that closes this support request. If it happens again, I’ll post again.


I’m reactivating this help request upon finding that there are Known, replicatable conditions under which the Epub compile fails and other, Unknown, replicatable conditions under which it fails.

The Known conditions include a scene which has no text in it, but which has a title. For example
a chapter has six scenes with content, add a first scene “Chapter summary” intending to add a paragraph to it later. Compiling will fail.

Hmm, I am not getting that condition when I create a test as described. Would it be possible to send this project in to our support address so that we could take a look at all of the variables in their context?

Yes, I could send it, however it is 77mb total size of the scriv backup. The problem can be demonstrated with any of several groups of just four line items, (such as the Act folder, the Chapter, and two scenes.)

Would you like me to send an email with the 77mb file or what?

A project that large would not transfer through e-mail. If you can create a simplified example (try using File/Save As… to create a temporary copy of your project and then delete everything from it not necessary to reproduce the bug, remembering to empty the trash) that would be just as well.

I will do this. Thank you.

Quick question. I may have found what is going on.

Type of item word count

Scene 812
Act 0
Chapter 0
scene 3
scene 1542

This subset will give the error. However, if I exclude from the compile one of the 2 items with zero words, it will compile fine. But both zero word count items, gives an error.

Further, if I set “Chapter” to compile “as is”, the thing compiles properly. Not sure why that would matter…

Does that provide any clues?

Kimberly -

You should have received the file shortly ago, as part of a crash report. Or maybe a crash report as recieved does not include the source files? Let me know if I need to send anything else.


Okay, it must be something with the compile settings that is required to trigger the bug then, because I have no problem putting two empty files side by side and compiling, “As-Is” or not. If there is a problem with the title for whatever reason, then that would make sense though, as As-Is prints the document exactly as you see it in the editor—no added titles or anything like that. Thus the condition that causes the problem is removed (in fact, since it is empty and there is no title, the item would probably just be skipped over entirely since it isn’t doing anything).

That just sends in the crash report. We would never send in people’s projects without their expressly given permission. There is nothing personal in the crash reports, just machine information of what was going on with your computer when the crash occurred.