EPUB file not showing all pages on iPad

Hi, don’t know if this is a common issue, but I have a compiled epub file on Mac desktop, which I emailed to read on iPad. When opened in iBooks on desktop, all pages are there, when opened on iPad, only 5 pages are shown, although the full index is also shown.

Any ideas why this might happen?

Many thanks, ZC

Have you tried using another ebook reader, just to rule out the potential for bugs in the reader itself (since you have confirmed already that the ebook is fine in another program on the Mac).

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Thanks Amber. Following your prompt, I downloaded Yomu, which worked fine, so presumably a bug with iBooks. Thanks again.

Good to know! It might be worth grabbing a copy of the free program Sigil, which has error checking and also makes it really easy to track down internal .epub filenames and line numbers, which is how errors will be indicated—it is otherwise an invaluable tool for ePub finishing anyway. Usually iBooks will display a big red warning in the ebook itself if there are problems that cause it to halt loading though, so I don’t know if that’s actually the problem.

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Thanks, will check it out. :blush: