epub - Justified text instead of ragged right

I didn’t think it was possible to force justification, because every ereader hates it and uses ragged right. Yet somehow Scrivener is pulling it off, even though my Formatting pane in Compile shows ragged right for every single type (Level 1 folders, Level 1 files, etc. etc.). :open_mouth:

This is happening for epub Compiles. I open the epub in Kindle Previewer and on my phone’s Kindle app and see justified text on all sections (Level 1 folders, Level 1 files, etc. etc.). Kindle Previewer doesn’t even have a way to choose justified/ragged right. And on my phone’s Kindle app, if I try to make it ragged right myself it says Alignment is unavailable. So it’s not the readers doing it.

I’ve tried using the checking and unchecking Override text and notes formatting. Both still yield justified text. What is going on? :confused:

Word .docx compiles are fine, and are coming out ragged right consistently. I guess I will need to use a different ebook formatter.

If the font size you have chosen in the text app is too big, the Alignment is unavailable. Reduce the font size, and then you’ll be able to choose the alignment.

Nah, font size has nothing to do with it. For posterity, here’s what I’ve determined:

When I check out the same epub files Scrivener output in other ereaders such as Kobo, etc. they look fine. They have the ragged right edge as specified in Scrivener. It appears that this is not a Scrivener issue at all, but an Amazon-being-dumb issue. :imp:

So, after some extensive research across the web, I discovered Amazon treats published ebooks and documents differently, and that various Amazon ereaders also behave differently. Since my file is an unpublished, side-loaded “document,” and because I’m looking at this on the Kindle app on my Android phone, alignment is not enabled. Side-loaded documents don’t have Enhanced Typesetting, so Amazon renders it however it pleases, which turns out to be justified. :imp:

This should be fixed when I actually go to publish it, because Amazon will publish it to a format that enables Enhanced Typesetting. I guess I’ll just have to cross my fingers and hope that’s right.

It’s just annoying that when I send ARCs to my advance reader team, it’ll be justified with idiotic breaks in words if they open it in most Amazon ereaders. And since most of my readers are KU readers, I’m not about to suggest they switch to Kobo. :unamused: