epub validator error: referenced resource could not be found in the epub

I’ve been trying to update a previously published book file on Kindle and other retailer sites. I compile for Kindle and have no problem submitting. But when I try to validate my epub on Smashwords and on Apple, I get this message;

OPS/body10.xhtml(74) [RSC-007]. Referenced resource could not be found in the epub.

The referenced resource is an image that I use as a custom separator in this book. When I open the epub file that the compiler creates (using Mac’s Books reader on my computer), the separator image appears right where it is supposed to. And both Nook and Kobo accepted the file. Which is why I don’t understand why I’m getting this error message when I try to upload to Apple and Smashwords. :cry:

Any thoughts about why this might be happening, and/or how to fix it, would be very welcome!

Thank you in advance

Jackie H.

Hi Jackie,

Which version of Scrivener are you using? It’s possible that if you are using an older version of Scrivener then the most recent may help but I’m not sure.

If a file works on one platform and not another it may be that they are testing against a set of different criteria or standards. Your best bet may be to contact Apple’s or Smashswords’ support or forums. Or simply to use another separator for those platforms.


Thanks, Rob. I’m using Scrivener 3, but the original book file was created in Scrivener 2.

I’ll try reaching out to Smashwords and Apple folks about the issue.