Epubs Failing Validation

I recently switched over to a Mac from a PC. I used Scrivener for Windows, and now I use Scrivener for Mac. Historically, I have used Scrivener to create my ePub files. I’ve never had a problem with them until now.

I’m not sure if I’m getting corrupted/invalid epub files because of the Mac switchover, or because I moved (copy and paste) my files from Scrivener to open office and back, or because I briefly used the beta (2.4.2) of Scrivener…

I’ve tried various tricks I read online, like using Calibre to convert and the like. Nothing seems to work.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

There’s recently been a change in the ePubChecker validation for UUIDs that is making it flag epubs compiled from Scrivener. This has been addressed for the next release, and you can download the current beta version from the beta forum and compile from that; you may want to rename the beta version file before moving it to the Applications folder so you don’t overwrite your current version, as there are a few bugs (e.g. the Project Statistics aren’t working) and you may not want to use it for your everyday writing. (I do, but I also don’t check my stats that often. :wink:) You can also just stick with the official release and refer to this article to work around the problem until the next update.

I actually did try that solution, and unfortunately my epubs were still failing. The error shown on the “fix” page isn’t actually what I was getting. This is so frustrating!

It would help us to know what error you are getting. With the beta, I haven’t had any issues with validation using a few of the common tools and very simple tests, so it may be something specific with the project you are trying to compile.