Equations, again

I am resurrecting a manuscript with hundreds of equations, and while it was dormant MathType ceased working. All my equations are now dead images and must be redone. In following this sad saga it seems that LaTeXiT is an option for climbing out of this hole, but I’ve immediately run into two problems and could use advice. The first is that the baseline for a copied equation is too high, as here:


The second is that I use symbols, such as P and Greek letters, inline by themselves and do not want to have to resort to LaTeXiT over and over again for this simple task (or even for the simple equation above), but must if I want to keep the font consistent.

Any advice on using LaTeXiT or a similar tool, using Services to automate some of these tasks, etc., greatly appreciated. My output must end up in Word before it goes to the publisher, so just sending everything to LaTeX is not an option.

I guess the simplest thing would be to just leave the image placeholders in, make new ones as needed, and then redo the equations at the end in Word. Ick! IMO this is a major problem for those of us not writing novels or screenplays.

Update on LaTeX. It turns out that Pages has a LaTeX interpreter built in now, so one can compose the equations there and copy them into Scrivener as pngs. The offset-baseline problem noted above does not happen in this case:

Another advantage of using Pages it that it is easy to keep all the LaTeX equations together in a document in case they need to be edited later.

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