Equations and Catalina

Does anyone whether upgrading to Catalina will break the MathType equations already in a document? I can’t wait any longer for Wiris to update MathType and would like to upgrade my OS, but I have hundreds of equations in a book manuscript.

I see that you can save an equation from MathType as a pdf, but cannot tell how they are incorporated into Scrivener.

Wiris is going to be a much better source of information on the state of their development process, and the alternatives they provide. Scrivener really has very little to do with that end things—the picture that is stored in your text is just that, a picture (the PDF you refer to, in fact) with a little extra metadata that MT uses to store the equation data. That, and the mechanism to request MT edit the picture, are all we handle.

I take that to mean that after upgrading the equations will remain readable as images, and potentially editable once Wiris updates MathType. Thanks.

Precisely so, they will remain as these special images even if you cannot load them in MT for the time being. In this way you can share this project with another Mac user that doesn’t have MT at all, and they would not be lost. By this same token, it also means you could install 10.15 on a new volume on your Mac, instead of upgrading the existing one. You could then make notes on equation edits while working in 10.15, and then reboot back to the older OS to use MT, and edit the equations in bulk. But if you’ve never messed with multiple volumes and dual-booting before, it might be better to avoid that more advanced approach.