Equations in Scrivener with docx as final product

I’ve spent about an hour lost in the forums. I would like to write something in Scrivener and end up with a Word document. I need to include several short equations. They can be written in LaTeX or MathML, that does not matter. What is the best way to go about it?

Reading the forum posts has confused me, and the manual did not help either. Is there a clear, step by step tutorial somewhere? I have no problem writing in markdown in Scrivener, but I am lost when it comes to selecting a LaTeX class, template, and I don’t need sections and subsections.

By the way, I tried MathType several years ago, prior to using Scrivener, but on Mac the program itself is just too ugly to pay for.

If it were me, I’d insert the equations post-Scrivener, using Word’s own equation editor.

Second choice would be to use MathType.

I’d stay away from LaTeX unless you are already familiar with it. Too much of a learning curve if all you need are a few equations.


Well, years ago I used Beamer for presentations, but that seemed straight forward to me. There was one template, and a format for each slide. My quick attempts at compiling to LaTeX through Scrivener gives me a an entire LaTeX article, with a title page, and table of contents. And I am unclear how to go from LaTeX to docx.

I was hoping I could write in markdown, insert some LaTeX equations, and run it through Pandoc and somehow end up with a Word document

Scrivener might not be the correct tool for this job. One of the attractions of Scrivener to me is to have all the master documents together in the binder. If the docx is the master with the equation, I may as well do the whole thing in Word.