Ergonis sale


Just wanted to tell you that Ergonis company, the developers of really nice apps like Typinator, KeyCue and PopChar, is making a promotion only valid for today (I’m not sure but I think it’s until 0:00 PST):

Free download (via Mac App A Day) of Typinator 1.6.1 (no upgrades): … paday.html

And a great discount (70% off = 19.99$) on their productivity bundle (Typinator, KeyCue and PopChar): … paday.html

– MJ

Ooo. That’s a nice bundle for keyboard junkies. :slight_smile: Two years of upgrades, too.

Oh yeah! :slight_smile:

And you had just mentioned KeyCue one day ago. Good timing, Av.

– MJ


the sale page:

– MJ