Erro message Save pdf to Scrivener

The ‘save pdf to scrivener’ has worked perfectly untill yesterday.
After entering the save-pdf-to-scrivener command I now get a general error message (in Dutch, which ralates into ‘an error occured while printing’). The save-pdf-to command works fine with other programs (e.g. Yojimbo) so it seems Scrivener-specific.

The console log shows the follwing entry:
30-11-10(wk48) 11:29:06 Mail[184] Printing failed because PMSessionEndDocumentNoDialog() returned -10660

I remember that, a day earlier, I did change the services preferences, enabling all text services.
That may not be related as I did then disable all text services, restarted Scrivener and the print-pdf-to-Scrivener problem persisted. I have also restarted the computer.

I am using MAC OS X Snow Leopard and Scrivener 2.0.2 (updated after the problem arose).


I’m not sure why this happens sometimes (it’s nothing Scrivener is doing - systems occasionally corrupt the alias files that allow this feature somehow), but this should fix things:


Hello Keith,
Thank you for your very quick response that solved the issue.