Error 0x80070780

Hello Friends. Just recived error code 0x80070780 while I tried to open a project.

[Windows 11 Home / Dell XPS 7590]

Any ideas/solutios? - Greetings from Sweden

You should post a screenshot.
Surely it said more than just an error code.

Suddenly the program works except that I cannot change the size of the files. I will uninstall it and reinstall and maybe it will work better. Thanks for support. :slight_smile:

The other thing that can effect preformance is having jagged or cloud shaped edges on notes. when you move or resize scapple takes a lot of power to change note size and appearance and can dramatically slow preformance. Changing to square and round shapes can help. Not sure if this is contributing. You could try a new project and move one or two notes over and see how they work. Is it all scapple projects or just some?