Error compiling Table of Contents for epub (also indentation issues)

Hey, so I’ve been trying to compile a scrivener project (using the novel with parts format) to epub, but no matter what I do, the Table of Contents either autogenerates and messes up chapter counts & part/chapter names, or, when I follow the user manual to manually set a table of contents, it comes up with a compiling error, shown here along with how I’ve got things set up in the compiler & the editor: imgur. com/a/qOwBUzz (but w/o the space after the period)
I’ve been fiddling around with different options enough, time to ask for help.

PS: I also would like to override the lack of indentation for after line breaks in the main text (to mimic the formatting in the source language, which uses a combination of indentation and line breaks, so it’s annoying when each first line goes un-indented so often, esp with blocks of dialogue–which in the source language are formatted sorta like in plays, with like ‘Character A: “…”’), so as long as I’m here… :eyes:

Hahaha, jk, I figured it out on my own.

But if anyone was following this hoping to get an answer, I can help!

Hi! I came here looking for guidance on Table of Contents indentation/formatting issues. I’d be so grateful if you had any info you could share.

I’m following the instructions listed in Scrivener for Dummies p.355 to select binder items and then use the edit menu to paste a table of contents. Looks ok in the editor My problem is happening in Compile mode. I’m trying to export a pdf of the 5.06x7.81 paperback, and it looks bad… page numbers aren’t on same lines as the chapter names, the ellipse periods have all disappeared.

I’ve tried using the N/A (as is) formatting in compile and I’ve tried manually changing the font, size, etc in Scrivener in my document page and nothing helps. Anyone have any ideas? Are the ellipses supposed to be a dynamic thing that shrink down depending on how it’s compiled?

idk if my problem is exactly like yours, but I’m tearing my hair out trying to use this “paste at ToC” feature