Error file format

Hi everyone!
Help me pease to solve my problem. When I try to open nsf format file in Lotus Notes I recieve the message : Error file format. So my question is, could anyone suggest me a proper way so that I may never face such issue again? Is there a way to open damaged nsf?

Thank for any help you can provide

In what way is this related to Scrivener? Why are you posting in here?

Sorry I thought it is windows software thread

It’s a sub-forum of the “Scrivener for Windows” top-level forum. Occasionally, there will be talk here regarding software that works well as a companion to Scrivener, but it’s almost always to do with getting documents into or out of Scrivener.

For Lotus Notes support, I’d suggest searching for your version of LN on, or googling for “lotus notes forums”.

Thanks for the advice.

This error message can indicate a corruption of the mail file or when there is an application memory leak or application resource conflict. To resolve the problem try to open your file with the help this app

It opens any version of Lotus Notes file

thank you for taking the time to share how to go about fixing this