Error given: Automatic backup cannot be copied

on Macos Ventura I get this on save/close. I use both Windows and Macos latest Scrivener versions
A backup could not be created at ‘/Singularity_2023-bak.scriv’.
The project could not be copied to the specified location. Please check that you have enough free disk space and the correct permissions.

Did you mean to post this question to a thread about Dropbox? It seems to be one of general backup folder configuration, and the problems with selecting your system root as the target for backups—which naturally as a mere user on your system, even as an admin user perhaps, you have no permission to be doing, which causes an error.

You need to go into your Backup preferences pane, and select a folder where you can write files to, like somewhere in your user folder, or an attached external volume.

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thanks for your helpful response. I am not a very frequent macos user nor a Scrivener power user, but learning. My habitual os is Windows so I find macos to be delightful but different and I don’t have the history I have with microsoft operating systems. To answer your question, yes I did not randomly select the Dropbox thread since I am using Dropbox to sync my files, however from your answer I learned it may be a macos issue. Also I did not select any backup location, it looks like \ root is the default in Scrivener if you don’t have the information you supplied. I followed what you suggested and the problem seems to have gone away, thanks for your help!

Okay, no worries! I’ve moved it over to its own thread with a title other people may find easier by searching for the error.

Backups can be used with or without Dropbox, they really have no relationship to which sync tool you may use, or if you use none at all. It just makes copies of your project as you do things listed in the settings, like closing the project.

Glad you got it figured out. There isn’t really an equivalent of the root folder on Windows, it’s kind of like C:\ top level though. And similarly you normally wouldn’t want to save stuff there.

It definitely shouldn’t be a default location, but maybe something went awry. The normal default is in a hidden folder, a lot like AppData in your user folder on Windows. It’s called the Library in a Mac user folder.

As you do use Dropbox, and the Mac seldom, you might want to visit this help page on getting it set up right on a Mac. Its defaults are not very good, and particularly not good for Scrivener projects, if you do use it to sync them.