Error message that activation is "no longer valid"

Opened Scrivener this morning and got an error message that my activation license has been either returned or blacklisted, and that Scrivener will revert to trial mode:

Then on reopening, it did launch in trial mode.
I reentered my license (which I purchased on April 1, 2021 as upgrade from earlier version), and it was successful…

Not sure what happened since I haven’t touched my computer all weekend. Figured I should let someone know here

This has happened to me a few times. My activation code works fine to clear it up but it’s annoying all the same.
Originally I found that it happened most when I used a previous version, looking at projects there before converting them in Scriv 3, so I decided to just stop using the previous version to save me the headache. Unfortunately, this didn’t stop the issue as it happened again this morning.

Since L&L Support does not deal with licensing issues in the forum, you should contact them directly to open a case and see about getting this resolved.

I’m not sure about that. Considering that once I re-entered the exact same license info I had previously, it worked fine, I would think it isn’t actually a license issue but a software glitch. And it sounds like the other user, havenborn, had the same experience (albeit multiple times).

Since I was able to get back in, it isn’t a real problem for me knocks on wood. I only posted about it here b/c if no one reports weird bugs, then the the devs can’t fix them in future versions

I would think that if the issue were with the license, then I’d be locked out still even after re-entering the information. If I’m incorrect and it would be a licensing issue, please correct me so I can let the correct people at L&L know!

All I am doing is repeating what L&L staff members here in the forums have said – they don’t handle licensing issues here, you must contact support directly to resolve this. Part of that is because they do need to know personal information to help resolve it (whether it’s a glitch in your system, a problem with your license, whatever) and they don’t reveal that in the forum.

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Cool beans! When it happens again (as I anticipate it might), I’ll definitely contact them as you advise. Thank you! :slight_smile:

FWIW, there do appear to be some bugs with our licensing framework. We are working with the vendor to address them. It’s not a universal problem, though, and we are still trying to identify the exact circumstances that lead to trouble.

If the problem recurs, please do open a support ticket, here:

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