Error message when opening: can´t open. start tag expected

Hello, I was working when there was a power outage of about 10 seconds and my computer turned off. After turning on the computer again, I tried opening the scapple project I was working on. To my dismay, an error message appeared: could not open file. start tag expected.

Is there a way to fix this?

Perhaps first approach would be to go to the most recent backup?

My iMac is on an UPS. If your power is unreliable (as mine is sometimes recently), perhaps you may wish to consider getting and using one.

I´m actually at work, you would think a government office would backup its power…

I tried opening the project through several ways now. Through an empty project and the open recent option, by copying it and opening, restarting computer, but nothing has worked yet.

If the computer powered off half-way through writing the file, it might be damaged or only a partial copy. It’s not possible to say without a sample of the file, which we could take a look at in tech support, if you wish. Just zip the file before you send it, as some email servers will block a “scap” file.

Otherwise I agree with what @rms said, your best bet would be yesterday’s backup, or the day before.

If you aren’t backing up at least your user folder daily, now’s a good time to start.

Thank you AmberV, I´ll send the file to tech support.