Error message when trying to update

Message says: Update Error. An error occurred when retrieving update information. Please try again later. Is this being addressed?

If you bothered to read the other threads on this forum and the Mac Bug reporting forum you would know tghe answer to your question.

Pretty sure that attitude wasn’t called for… :unamused:

xiamenese has been selflessly helping people on these forums for thirteen years, not infrequently writing long and detailed explanations for other users. In the past couple of days I believe he has written four or five replies to people asking much the same question about this issue. If he has become a little exasperated at the propensity of people to write before they read, I am not surprised. And I think it is justified. And he is not the only user-helper who has commented on this reluctance to use the search function first when seeking information about this issue. I know this forum is for writers, but surely it is not unreasonable to ask them to read as well.

There were some issues with the initial release of Mac Scrivener 3.2. They appear to have been fixed, and the automatic updater should be working again. If it’s not, you can always download the latest version of Scrivener from here:

As a general rule, the “Active Topics” menu item is a quick way to see if other people have reported time-sensitive issues, such as problems with the updater.


In all honesty, I don’t really care if he’s been providing sexy favours to the pope. There’s no need to be a jerk to other users - least of all new ones. It reflects badly on the forum, and L&L. The length of time he’s been here is completely irrelevant.

If you can’t be polite then perhaps just don’t reply. It isn’t difficult.

Pointing out that many people are asking the same questions without bothering to spend 30 seconds to search to see if their question has already been addressed is NOT being a jerk.

It is helping keep this community usable for all of us – the people who have been here for years as well as the people who are just showing up.

Coming into a web forum and posting without reading/searching is no different than walking into someone’s house and going straight to their fridge to drink their beer, then sitting down and putting your (shoe-clad) feet on their dining room table. It’s rude.

Pointing out rude behavior is not in, itself, rude in return, because for every person who gets offended at having their misbehavior called out, long-term Internet statistics suggest that we may actually be helping an average of up to 10 other users feel more welcome in the forums because they know that in general, they will be an orderly place and not swamped in a sea of “me-toos.”

Maybe it’s not clear to those who spend a great deal of time here, but some people don’t have the time to peruse a forum. “Active Topics” is not a silver bullet for all important info. Some of the software’s most valuable users are most likely too busy writing professionally to bother hanging around here.

It’s simple: don’t be snappy, because that stranger you berated probably just had a terrible first impression of the community. If you’re blasting someone who bothered to ask just because it was asked before, maybe you need to take a break.

Thanks everyone else who is offering help while keeping a cool head.

It almost certainly takes less time to use the search button or look at the Active Topics list than it does to write an angry post explaining why you didn’t.


Katherine, that’s not what Wrg6 did. They merely asked a question that could have been answered with “This has been addressed before, please make sure to check active topics before posting a new topic. Thank you!”

A few other users have taken issue with this response, and that should be of note to support staff like yourself.

You don’t have 2-3 minutes to perform a basic search to see if the information you are seeking is already present, but you expect us to share our time with you?

We. Are. Other. Not. Your. Pet. Monkeys. A forum is a community, not just a Portal of Convenience. This is Internet Etiquette 101 – it’s not special to this forum.

Which is why I suggested search. Active writers presumably know how to perform searches, yes? (If not, they’re probably really lousy writers.)

You ask for tolerance for new users who are forming a “first impression” but you don’t acknowledge that tolerance and respect are a two-way street. Stop justifying wasting other people’s time.

You people don’t HAVE to post hostile comments. You are CHOOSING to.

You could, you know, just NOT reply if things are annoying you so much. And don’t bleat on about free speech - abuse is not free speech. You are NOT moderators. It is NOT your right. Berating other users is NEVER helpful or justified. You’re a forum user, whether you’ve been here 15 years or a single day. There is no hierarchy.

I’m pretty sure the OP will never be back after this treatment.

And with that, I’m out too. Good luck to L&L with… whatever this site is destined for with people like this being given free reign. :unamused:

I stand by my appraisal. This would have been easily solved with a polite redirection. I had my own question in another thread answered succinctly with tact, and I’m glad the attitude displayed here isn’t the standard.

If you’re fed up leave it to someone else please.
Be kind, and happy writing everyone.