Error Message

These last two weeks, every time I open Scrivner, there is an error message saying that for two months Scrivner has not been able to connect to internet. Then I re open Scrivenr and then another error message says to put net 4.6.
It also says that if I do NOT !!! Then it will put my Scrivner into Trail mode.
I don’t want to be doing this right now, but I will be more upset if the Scrivenr goes over to trial mode because I didn’t open my mouth. Pleas Advise
I don’t always have an internet connection so if you have to give me and answer, take into account “that”
And even if it’s a quick fix of downloading Net 4.6(whatever that is) please tell me where that is.

I wonder if this is the Paddle issue that has been described on other threads in this forum. I get another error message from time to time too. If this is the case, the staff at Lit 'n Lat is aware of it and is working with Paddle to correct it.

Yes, this is the same issue.

As explained elsewhere, there are two potential failure cases. For the first, make sure you have the latest version of .NET. The second is a bug: we’re working with the Paddle folks to develop a fix.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience.


I am receiving the same message. I have installed all Windows updates, including the latest version of NET. I have asked for a response or assistance without success. I feel having people post on a user forum is not an adequate form of customer service.

Same here. It started happening yesterday and I believe I’ve paid for two licenses already for my desktop and laptop. Recommendations? I have a lot of work here - should I compile everything in case the software suddenly goes away? And what will happen to all my work if it reverts to the trial version?

Thanks for any advice you can offer,


You are in no immediate danger of losing work. We expect to resolve this well before the two month window is up, and the trial mode is fully functional.

With that said, extra backups are never a bad idea.


Have you opened a support ticket? As I’m sure you can understand, we’ve had a bit of a flood of inquiries around this issue, but we are responding as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.


I may have declined the last “upgrade”. I , just now, could not find it on the LL site. Please Advise

Latest version of Windows Scrivener: … taller.exe

I believe you can update .NET using the Windows Update tool.


If, by chance, the copy of Scrivner I have used for a few years now decided to “automatically” go over to trial version, what does that mean for me? What should I do at that point? If it does. I am still getting the message saying it will in two months, I sort of use it , so I’m not right with it all of a sudden deciding it is going to not work, Please advise.

I did download the new upgrade, and the message saying it will switch over to trial version in to months still appears.

The update to fix the problem has not yet been released.

Our trial is fully functional. In the unlikely event that we still don’t have the problem fixed before the two months have elapsed, Scrivener will continue to function as normal, but will behave as an unregistered copy, with a time limit,


Roger, Time Limit?

30 days of actual use (not calendar days).