Error selecting backup locations

Upon startup (using Windows 11.0 PRO) with a new install, Scrivener won’t let me select ANY backup locations. It will always give me the following error whether I"m saving locally to my C: drive or to any external backup drives. Any suggestions?

This also occurs when I try to save the Tutorial

(Can’t attach images so…)

The error reads:
“C://file location/tutorial.scriv
File not found.
Check the file name and try again”

Seems to be a permissions error…?

Could be your antivirus.
Go in the settings of whatever you use as an AV, and exclude or set an exception (terminology varies from one AV to the next) for Scrivener.

I believe you’re trying to backup to the same location as your project, which is indeed a permissions error.
If it were allowed it would exponentially increase the size of your project.
Choose a different location outside of the .SCRIVX folder in Windows or .Scriv package for Mac. Something like Documents > Scrivener Backups will do for now.

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