Error (Version 3 release) - Could not open RTF file for writing

I use the official Win v3 and imported a project that I created with the beta of Win 2.9.x.
After pasting a small amount of text, the following error occurred “Could not open RTF file for writing” (see attachment).
With Win 2.9.x I never had this problem.

Now I saved this project on a different name to continue. Or is it better to import a Word document that I compiled based on this project? I can imagine Win v3 might be a bit different from v2.9.x ?

In most cases, this is caused by antivirus software blocking Scrivener. Whitelist Scrivener.exe in your antivirus software and try again.

Scrivener was already whitelisted. But the ‘save as’ (of the project) was a solution that worked for me. Thanks.