Error when editing comments' font

This is the second time that I edit the font of a comment to increase the size and get this error: NSInternalInconsistencyException. If I click on continue, I can keep writing, but the warning in doing so explains itself (it says the app is unstable), so I usually have to restart the app.
What am I doing wrong?

FYI, I’m using a MacBook Air with Sonoma 14.4.1. Scrivener is version 3.3.6

Thanks in advance.

I’m not seeing this problem happen with a simple test. Is this happening consistently, or only now and then?

As an aside, if you are resizing your comment text repetitively to make it easier to read, there are two things you could do otherwise:

  1. Zoom the comments pane. Right-click on any of the comments, and access the Zoom submenu for options. By default it is synced with the main editor zoom, but you can decouple it and have it zoomed higher or lower than the main text. I see your editor is already set to 200%, so if you are using default settings, and your comments are zoomed 200% as well, then that must be a very tiny starting font you are using. That leads to the second approach…
  2. Just make the font something more comfortable to work with, without zooming it. The settings for the default comment font and size are located in the Editing: Formatting setting tab, toward the bottom. This will only impact new comments you create, so to reset older comments to the new settings, select them all, right-click on the selection, and use “Convert to Default Formatting”.
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I didn’t know I could zoom comments. That’s what I’ll be doing from now on. Thanks for the tip.

I got this error twice. The first time, I didn’t give it importance, but the second, I thought it couldn’t be a coincidence.
Furthermore, after restarting the app, the text in the comment is gone. Considering that I already wrote the scene, I’m not concerned about the content even if I don’t remember it. If it was important, it will come back to me. What concerns me is the stability of the app when I play with comments. I use them a lot, usually as a reminder to change a word when editing. Other times, to remember some detail, or to add them later to the scene, and that sort of thing.

It just happened again. I added a comment, and when I typed the first letter of the comment, the error appeared. And I try to type inside the comment the error appear again, making it impossible to create new comments. Now I’m seriously concerned.
I fear I created an issue inside this project.

I can’t add comments.

After starting the app again, I was able to edit my comment. I tested another file and had no issues and also added another test comment to this file to verify if there were issues, but I got no error. I’m still concerned because there’s obviously something happening in the background that I can’t control.

With errors like “exceptions” (what you got a pop-up window for) it can be difficult to say where the original problem started, as it may not always be the thing you just did that’s really at fault. It could have been an uncaught problem that happened an hour earlier, for instance.

Since it did seem to happen more than once, after restarting the software, for a little bit I would just try to keep in mind the last few things you did leading up to the exception window appearing, and see if repeating any of those steps can cause it to happen predictably.

If it is happening exclusively in one project, it could be a data error. For example sometimes “null” characters can creep into the text, and these can cause failures in file storage that isn’t expecting them, like the type of file used to store comments. I would expect a problem like that to be 100% reproducible, at least within the context around such a character—so that would in this case mean, when editing comments from a specific binder item, as they each store their comments in separate files.

Another clue is in the wording of the exception, referring to font libraries being involved in the event. It might be a good idea to reset your system and user font caches just to clear that from the potential pool of issues. A tool such as Maintenance can help with that.

It’s certainly not a typical problem, and I have nothing open with regards to that happening for anyone else, so whatever it is it may be a rare combination of events. Oh one last question on it, what kind of Air laptop are you using, as Intel/Silicon (M#) might make a difference.

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I waited some time on purpose to verify if the issue happened again. It didn’t. I don’t know what’s changed, to be honest.
Thank you for your replies. I will get back here if it happens again, but I’m crossing my fingers it doesn’t.

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