Errors, omissions in manual

Here are a few minor errors and omissions I have come across in the manual. Some of them may also indicate a bug in the program, but I’m not sure about that.

  • Keyboard shortcut for Lock in Place, shows as Alt-Ctl-L on page 188, Ctl-Shift-L on page 17. The correct one seems to be Ctl Alt L, but it seems it only works when the cursor is in the header bar, and that restriction should be explained.

  • P. 71 last two lines don’t make sense. Either what or what? Perhaps the last line should read “or the main window,” Instead of “of.” But dragging keyword to main edit window does not assign the keyword, so if that is the correct fix to the sentence there is a bug in the program. Or perhaps the word “either” should be removed.

  • p. 63, line 3 “rule of them” probably is meant to be “rule of thumb.” (Dragon error?)

P. 78, paragraph beginning “At its most minimal…” the View>Corkboard link should be View > Corkboard Options. But that corkboard options sub menu does not contain all the items that are accessed by the corkboard options pop-up, which is accessed by the button called “format options.” See next item here.

P. 79, 2nd para under section 111.3. “Corkboard Options” does not exist as a button. The button shows name “Format Options” when you hover over it.

P. 105, Section 13.5.1 Describes the navigation arrows on the header bar. These arrows only work consistently for documents in the Draft folder of the binder, not if a Research item has been recently viewed. So if this limitation is not a bug, it should be noted in the manual.

I’m using Scrvener 1.0.3, and my manual revision is

Excuse my eagle eye. I used to be an editor and these things jump out at me.