Escaping Apostrophes, and or single quotes.

Header and Footers.

I’ve really looked, but can’t seem to find this anywhere.

In footer (or header) on compile.
I’ve got the word. ( Echo’s )

When I produced the RTF output … It appears as Ech.s
I’ve tried escaping the ( 's ) with //'s and \'s but all to no avail.

The most exceptional Help :smiley: Manual, doesn’t seem to cover it either.

I’ve read that is:-
Single quotes are now escaped in OPML export.
But that was for the Windows version of Scrivener.

Any pointers greatly appreciated.


There’s no need to escape the apostrophe. Do you have anything in either the Project or Preset Replacements in compile?


That was it, been driving me daft for a couple of hours last night.
Thank you!

Compile - is now under way!

Really is a black art!



Yay, glad it’s fixed now!

~ Master of the Dark Arts :smiling_imp: