eSellerate expired, cannot re-register

I’m moving my licensed copy of Scrivener to my shiny new mac. Unfortunately it won’t accept my license information. It looks like the problem is that expired a couple of months ago, and therefore we have no way to activate the license. I do have the receipt email from December 2010 showing name and serial number.


I’m also having this problem with Scrivener and Scapple after doing a clean install of OS X on my Mac… Neither automatic nor manual activation works.

How can eSellerate forget to renew the domain name??? Can’t believe this… :imp:



Digital River renewed their domain. I was able to register scrivener.

I was also able to activate Scrivener and Scapple now.

However, I still can’t believe that they “forgot” to renew their domain. Pretty strange… :open_mouth: