ETA on 3.0?

Solving the look-inside on Amazon is a big thing for me, so this can’t come soon enough. I would even postpone the launch of my next 2 books (out in a few weeks) if I knew it was right around the corner.

Hah! We bottom feeders know that it is far, far easier to hack a politician’s emails than it is to get that information.

:slight_smile: But even a launch window would be helpful like in October/November etc.

Last week the developer KB said that it would be within 3 months, otherwise something would have gone badly wrong.

Yeah, it sounds like it might arrive around the end of the year, which will be too late for me to postpone anything, but I’m still looking forward to it :slight_smile:

In this comment it was suggested that the biggest factors preventing Scriv 3.0’s launch are in prepping reference materials and a new website, so hopefully sooner rather than later.

“Bottom feeders”? I sincerely hope no one thinks we see any of our users like that. We don’t have any tiers for users - we value all users equally.

However, I learned my lesson from the iOS version that giving out release date estimates, even rough ball-park figures, is never a good idea, because if something goes wrong and the release date gets pushed back, some users get very angry. :slight_smile: So, all I’ll say is that 3.0 will be out before the end of the year. And Laxaria is spot-on that right now we are busy sorting out all of the things that go with the release - the new website, finishing off documentation, tutorial videos, ensuring a Windows 3 beta is ready to go, and so on. We want to release strong and make sure that our users have everything they need to get the most out of Scrivener 3 from the get-go.

All the best,

KB, check out the username for the “bottom feeders” comment. I’m suspecting a lot of tongue in cheek…

I appreciate hearing the official line and completely understand in regards to not wanting to give an exact launch date. It’s just a shame that my release wasn’t a few months later. But I’ve started a new thread elsewhere on the forum regarding trying to fix the look inside problem manually.

Try contacting Amazon KDP support. I’ve heard they will sometimes fix a book once it is uploaded if you ask nice. It’s something you want to do once the revision upload flurry settles down a bit though.

Otherwise, if you know how to edit ebooks you could probably fix the problem yourself by making sure the first CSS file is lined up right with the content that displays in the preview. With a little search and replace to separate out the machine-generated classes on paragraphs and spans, and pulling CSS in from one that displays chapter content, you could get it looking good.

But there’s me! I’ve elevated underachievement to an art form. When I look at your blog posts about Version 3, I realize it’s too nice for me.

In fact, just the thought of that kind of polish makes me feel miserable and worthless. At this point, nothing would cheer me up. Nothing. Maybe an advance copy of Version 3, but really, otherwise, I’m hopeless. 'Course, it would be a great opportunity for you to bring light to an otherwise dank and morbid soul. But no pressure.

I’ll just be over here, lost, wandering dread forests of adverbs, nothing but an old copy of Electric Pencil for company.

Indeed. As Mr Wordsworth once wrote:

I pondered lonely as a noun
Substantive as th’eternal hills
My essence pure and not weighed down
By adjectives or other frills.
Of course, I must take care to curb
My penchant for the odd adverb.

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