Evernote for Scrivener

Love this package but I tend to move around a lot and like taking images of ideas which I then tend to incorporate in text. I would love to be able to import in a simiar manner to the way i sometimes do this with simplenote.

Do you have any plans to integrate evernote. I think it will come more relevant when I get and IPAD and will be using a note taking package on this which automatically sends to evernote at the moment.

Just an idea,


If you do a search of the forums for “Evernote” you will find a whole thread dedicated to this, in which I asked users for ideas and feedback. It turned out that everyone had a different idea about how this would work, and there weren’t any really practical solutions… Also, I looked at the Evernote API but merely experienced a whooshing sensation as it went over my head. :slight_smile:

All the best,