Evernote replacements

I am new to the Scrivener community and I would like to know if there is away to forward emails into Scrivener. I am looking to replace Evernote with Scrivener as my InBox.

There are two places where third party programs can put files that Scrivener will see.

One is the Scratchpad, which is universally accessible to all Scrivener projects. The other is a synchronized External Folder for a specific project.

Are you an experienced Scrivener user, though? I guess Scrivener could be used as a universal inbox, but that wouldn’t be my choice. I’d recommend being pretty familiar with the program before you decide to go that route.


Ah, the Great Evernote Exodus, 2020. I’m a fellow exile and I’ve felt your pain. I’ve been a Scrivener user for… checks her forum profile seven and a half years now, and was an Evernote premium user for longer.

Personally, I wouldn’t use Scrivener for a universal inbox. In my opinion it’s not well set up for it. Scrivener is very project-oriented, and my own (former) Evernote database is vast and mostly unconnected to a project, at least as Scrivener understands them.

I see by your profile that you’re both a Mac and a Windows user, so my own Evernote replacement (Bear—Mac and iOS) likely won’t suit. One possible Evernote replacement that might work cross-platform in an Evernote-like manner is NimbusNote.

Whether you succeed in using Scrivener as an Evernote replacement, or find another solution, I wish you the best. If you do use Scrivener as a universal inbox, please do post in “Using Scrivener” and describe your setup. I don’t believe I’ve run across that use case, and the rest of the forum users may be interested—I certainly would be!

Why are people leaving Evernote?

They replaced all their client apps—Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and web—with completely rewritten versions. At the same time. They’re all buggy. They all are incredibly slow.

15 minutes is too long to wait for a plain-text note to load. If you can get it to load. I couldn’t get it to download local copies. In addition, new notes go missing.

It’s an [expletive deleted]. Go into the iOS App store and look at recent reviews if you’re curious as to just how gross a dumpster fire it is.

I loaded my old Mac Evernote version from Time Machine, exported my notes, and held onto my premium subscription while I checked out alternatives. I settled on Bear. Once I was sure that my notes had arrived intact and Bear was working well enough, I cancelled my Evernote account. Not sorry.

Someone in here suggested Notebooks, and I am running it in parallell with Evernote now, and for the things I used to use Evernote, Notebooks is a good replacement. And costs less than Bear. ;)

It looks too structured for me. I’m delighted that Bear has no notebooks. And its subscription is so much cheaper than Evernote’s, too! I grant you that a one-time payment is cheaper yet, but I’m ok with my choice. (I miss Evernote’s handwriting search, but it can’t help me if Evernote’s not working.)

I must have lucked out, it seems to be running OK on my 2018 MBP. Then again I don’t do a lot of heavy lifting with it, I just use it for Web Clipper. I have 3208 notes on it clipped from the web. I don’t know if that is a lot. Rarely take notes in it, I would use Scrivener for random notes.

However, I just tried to export notes from EN but I could not figure out how to export them all only one at a time and it was exported as some type of EN file because when I double clicked on it it got imported back into EN. Hmmm. This doesn’t look good. Will have to crank up Time Machine and export all my notes to a safe location or be at the mercy of EN. :imp:

That will teach me not to automatically click the update button when it pops up. :blush:

Looks like I will be spending some time on an unexpected project.

You can export all your notes in some weird format, but luckily there are apps that can import them, and recreate the same structure you have in Evernote. That’s one of the reasons I chose the Notebooks app.

How to export all my notes?

What about Zotero as a EverNote replacement?

Instructions on Evernote’s web:

help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/arti … port-notes

Then I simply imported the resulting .enex file into Notebooks:

notebooksapp.com/migrate-fr … notebooks/

Other notebook apps probably have similar options.
But this discussion should probably be moved to somewhere else in the forum, dealing with other software. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Why did you use your old version as opposed to the updated version for exporting your notes?

Because in the updated version I could only export 50 notes at a time. I have over 2000 notes for 5+ Gb. Nope, I’d rather reinstall the old version.

(By the way, this isn’t the first time Evernote have pulled this stunt. They did the same thing with their iOS note-taking app, Penultimate—put up a new, completely rewritten version, buggy as Texas in August, with significant features removed. It was 6 months before it was stable, and some functions never returned. I depend on my notes DB far too much to wait that long this time.)

Can you import all your web clippings from EverNote? Most of my 3200+ “notes” are web clippings.

Most of mine are clippings, too. Bear does an acceptable job with most of them—much better than NimbusNotes does. Tables get mangled, but if I refer to them a lot, I copy them to LibreOffice and fix them up. Alternatively I go back to the original web page and copy from there. I then use https://www.tablesgenerator.com to produce a Markdown version. Copy that, and paste it into a code block in Bear. The Next Big Bear Update (sorry about the pun, fellow Californians) will include Markdown table support so this is but a temporary problem.

I’d suggest you try out alternatives that will import your Evernote DB before committing to one. I tried Ulysses, NimbusNote, and shudders OneNote. My exported notes stayed snugly on my hard drive in their .enex file until I decided that Bear would work for me. I waited about four weeks after that to close my Evernote account and delete both the main database on my Mac drive as well as the .enex export. If I need the .enex, I’m sure it’s in my Time Machine somewhere… :smiley:

I TimeMachined back to an earlier version of EverNote.

I’m trying DevonThink now. I was always looking for an excuse to try it, now I have one. Read several reviews and it looks favorable as it may be useful for my workflow in several ways and do a lot more than EverNote did. I have many thousands of PDF articles, books, journals etc that I could feed into DevonThink if it is useful. Who knows I might even take notes in it. 8)

DT has a EverNote import function and is doing that now as I type. Had to turn off Little Snitch as it was constantly asking for permission to do the import.

As you suggest I will try a few others to see what fulfills my needs. I ended up reinstalling Zotero today as I found it could be useful in quickly importing citations (especially from Amazon) that I could then send to Bookends.

But all in all my day has been totally distracted as a result of asking you why you ditched EverNote. :unamused: Not your fault of course.

Yeah, it was a lost day or six when I decided to take the plunge. I considered DevonThink, but no matter how many times I go to their website or read reviews, I just can’t understand how I’d use it in place of Evernote or Bear… mostly because I used Evernote and now use Bear as an adaptive device for ADHD. No matter what it is, if I need to remember it (or I search for it more than once) I put it into Ev… I mean, Bear. And I do mean everything. Scan it, clip it, scrawl it on a piece of paper—it all goes into… Bear. There’s not much organisation in my database, I free-search what I need. I don’t get through a day without referring to it at least two or three times, often more.

Good luck with your replacement hunt!

I felt the same way about DEVONThink so I always balked about installing it and never did. But now I have and it is not what I thought. So I am hopeful. My only concern is about how it handles PDFs. I have about 170GBs of PDFs in a DropBox folder and want them to stay put. So I wonder if DT will want to relocate them into its own folder. I will find out. BookEnds lets you leave the PDFs in situ or shift it to its own directory.