Everything gone after Blue Screen of Death

I had a Blue Screen (Windows) and after a reboot found that the Scapple file i had been working on for a whole day (and saved several times) was empty. Gone, baby, gone. :cry:

So now my biggest wish is an autobackup feature.

I have solved the problem now with a backup program (Cobian) that automatically saves a backup to an external disk every 5 minutes, but it sure would be nice to have Scapple doing this instead.

By the way: I love Scapple and I’m gonna buy it when the trial version expires. It’s the ideal tool for plotting stories I’ve been searching for for ages.

Just discovered that Dropbox saves older versions for a month. Onedrive (which I used - till now) does not do that. So use Dropbox. That way you’ll never lose Scapple data! :smiley: