Everything Scrunches in Scapple

Hi all! I am using the trial version of Scapple and loving it so far, expect for one major hiccup I keep running into. I have two Windows computers - one desktop on Windows 7 and a Surface Book on Windows 8. Everytime I work on a project in my desktop and save, everything gets scrunched together when I open it again on the Surface Book. Has anyone else encountered this problem and found a workaround/settings adjustment? It makes my projects unreadable and I have to spend so much time reorganizing everything, it’s borderline not worth using the software even though I love the functionalty.

Now I’ve noticed that even just on my one laptop, my notes are rearranging and stacking up on each other in between uses. It was fine Saturday when I saved it, but this morning both columns of my notes have stacked on top of each other, moving them up the screen.

Has anyone faced a similar issue and found a solution?

I had the same problem and was able to resolve it, more or less, by following the advice given at the end of this thread. https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/scapple-high-dpi-support/31250/1

The reason this happens is because Scapple on Windows does not yet have high DPI support. So, if system-wide scaling is set to, say, 200%, the font size in Scapple doubles, but Scapple (unaware that this happened) does not correspondingly double (say) the note width, which it must in order for overall display to remain the same.

Edit: here’s a screenshot showing the steps