Evolution of a story.

Has anybody ever begun a long novel, spent months (or years) working on it, only to notice that the story’s background has changed over time? I’ve noticed this with my work. In my current project, one of the central conceits is that an distorted echo of the true history of the world has survived in the stories of H.P. Lovecraft and some songs by the Blue Öyster Cult. I’ve gotten away from the Lovecraft over the years, but if you were to read my drafts you’d know it had been there.

Has anybody else had something like this happen to their work?

Yes in my writing and music writing.

I think this effects many people because whatever “stage” you are at in life is reflected in your work. The longer the piece of work and the many differences may appear because you have gone through many “stages” during the period of creation.

If you are a religious person and follow Christianity you can see this with ease.

“And on the seventh day he rested”

Took seven days to make the “world”.

Mondays always suck and saturdays never seem long enough. :slight_smile: