Exact replica. Is this possible?

Hi there
I have completed a manuscript in Scrivener. I now want to copy it directly into another scrivener file - and not have the hassle of sorting it into chapters, colour coding sections etc, like I did first time around.
Is this possible?
It’s probably really straightforward, but I’m struggling to find a direct answer.
Many thanks
Si :unamused:

Drag and drop from one binder to another is probably the easiest way to go about it. You should find most meta-data copies over fine that way.

Thanks Amber
That mostly worked. It transferred all the words, in chapters, and some of the colour codings.
It didn’t pick up the corkboard preferences or colour code the chapters, but that is easily rectifiable by hand.

These are project level settings. If you want to simply duplicate the project entirely it would surely be easiest to do that in Finder, or you could use the File/Save As… command.

Amber, thank you again.
I knew it would be incredibly straightforward. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.