Exactly what I've been looking for

I’ve been nursing a novel idea since roughly January, and have tried all kinds of different methods of keeping my rapidly-expanding notes organized but also easily referenced for when I start writing the novel itself (not coincidentally, that will be around 12:00:01 AM November 1st…). Since downloading the beta this afternoon, I’ve been moving my notes into Scrivener for Windows, and this is exactly the piece of software I’ve been looking for since January! Complete with features I never knew I needed until I saw them here!

A few glitches and bugs here-and-there, naturally, but I’m a computer programmer myself and am used to betas with far less polish and usability-ness than this one (and, sadly, “finished products” with far less polish and far more bugs…). I haven’t gone through the tutorial yet, but between the “fundamentals” video and arbitrary clicking around and just trying things out I’m overall quite impressed with this software already.

Thanks, Kromey!

That’s great to hear - Lee is frantically dealing with a billion bug reports at the moment (we have a lot more initial users and beta testers than we ever anticipated), so I know he’ll be relieved to see some positive feedback in there too.

Thanks again!
All the best,