Excel table cells become centered when compiled to MMD?

I have several tables copied over from Excel. The texts in all cells are left aligned in Excel. I even manually left-aligned them in Scrivener. But when the document is compiled to MMD then to html, the cells become center aligned. How can this be fixed?

Hmm, it should not be doing that by default. There must be some formatting in there that is confusing the converter. Could you provide a sample data set in a zipped project so we could take a look at it? No need for any real data, just make a new Blank project, copy some junk text from Excel in the manner you typically do, and test to confirm the problem exists when compiling it. If it does, use File ▸ Back Up ▸ Back Up To... to create a zipped copy for upload.

You are right. When I create a simple test file it works fine. It must be some other steps that introduced the error. Thanks!