Excel type math formulas (Windows)

I’m about to start a LitRPG project/novel and I’d like to keep everything in my Scrivener file, but I’m not seeing any videos or tutorials on how I might create math formulas using table information. Is there something for that? For example, A1/A4=. I have a book where each battle multiple people are gaining experience points and job points, and I’d like to tally them into a table without doing the math manually.

My Insert dropdown says Math Type Equation is “Not available” and the MathML Editor is not easy to figure out just by it appearing and waiting for me to give it info.

No, Scrivener has no spreadsheet functions.

MathType and MathML are tools for formatting equations, not for calculating results.

Also note you can store spreadsheet files in the binder, and easily open them in your preferred tool for working with them. You can at least keep supporting materials together and accessible, even if those materials require a wide range of software capabilities that one program could not provide.