Exclude Certain Script Styles from Compile

Is it possible to exclude certain script styles from a Compiled document? For instance, I have used Scene Headings within my document for my edification when creating the script. However, I would like to now create a Compiled document that is just the Dialog so I can give it to a narrator.


Hmm, I can’t think of way to do that. In retrospect it probably would have been better to type the sluglines into the title for each scene rather than in the text editor. That way you could switch them on and off with the Title checkbox in the Formatting pane. But that still would only get rid of the one element. If you also want to get rid of action and other elements you’d be stuck. Do you have Final Draft or CeltX? Seems like that would be the kind of thing you could more easily do in a dedicated scriptwriting program. Scrivener’s elements are “soft” elements. They aren’t actually marked that way in the file, but rather interpreted when the file is loaded, so rapid filtering by type wouldn’t be easy.


Thanks for the info. I would be a nice feature within Scriverner wouldn’t it? I don’t have the other two dedicated script writers, nor will I probably get them.


I don’t think so, really, as I can’t think of any reason anyone else would want to do this. Excluding arbitrary ranges of text from compile would be very difficult and of limited use. (Annotations already cover what most users would need such a feature for.)

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One thing you could do is go into Format > Scriptwriting > Script Settings… and apply a special formatting like text color to your scene header element. Then click OK to update all your script documents to that formatting, so your headers area all colored, and use Edit > Find > Find by Formatting to search for text of that color. As you jump through your script, each colored section will be highlighted, and you can quickly apply strikethrough or annotation formatting to it. If you then set compile to exclude text with a striketrhough (under the “Transformations” section) or to exclude annotations, you’ll be able to have the headers ignored in compile.