Exclude Folders from Search Option

I’m suggesting a new option in the Search Options menu for “Exclude Folders”.

I did come up with a work around but I would like to share the purpose of what I was attempting to do:

I wanted to create a Search Based Collection for Note items with Status = No Status. This way I could easily find note items to begin working on. The issue became that my folder directories were then shown in the results of the query, and this was a problem because my folders are mostly only headings and section containers.

My work around, was to mark each folder as ‘Not included in Compile’ and this was less of problem because I tend to work in the Research folder first, so I set the Search Option to ‘Binder Selection Only’ on the Research folder, and then I proceeded to mark all sub-folders to exclude from compilation. However, I have to take the step of marking any new folders I create as ‘Exclude from Compile’.

If I were to work mostly in the Draft folder, which is very common for most Scrivener users, it would not be ideal to use the work around described, and it would be much easier if the Search Options did have a setting for ‘Exclude Folders’.

I just want to add, I did find an easier work around, simply change the Default Status instead of 'No Status I changed it to “To Do” and now I have a good search based collection based on Status = To Do. However, new folders will still have a status of To Do since its the default, but this is much more preferred to toggle on / off by switching folders back to No Status, than having to use the Include / Exclude folders from Compile as described in my initial post

I still think, having an Exclude Folder option in Search Options is beneficial, but thankfully its not a major issue at this point.

Assign whatever metadata you want to the Excluded folders (or files).

Define a search based on that metadata, then choose the Invert Results search option.