Exclude multiple pages from compile

Is there an easy way to untick the ‘Include in Compile’ option for multiple pages? It’s an absolute pain to do it for each and every folder/page I’ve created! :angry:

In the Outliner you can choose to show the “Include in Compile” column (from View > Outline), then Alt+click in any checkbox to set the state for all the documents in the outliner. You can do the same in the Contents section of the compile dialog.

Depending what exactly you’re trying to compile, this may not be the most convenient method, though. First, note that only documents within the Draft folder are available for compile regardless, so the “include in compile” state doesn’t matter unless the document is in the Draft folder in the binder. Then, from the Contents pane of compile, you can select any subgroup or document in the Draft to use as the compile group, so for instance if you have several chapter folders of multiple scenes each, you could select just one of those folders as the compile group to compile just that one chapter, without needing to deselect “include in compile” for everything else in the Draft.

Wonderful. Thank you for the quick response! :slight_smile:

Another quick way to do it is to use the keyboard. Select the first one then quickly press the space bar followed by the down arrow multiple times.