Exclude (text) from "Text-to-Speech"

I have yet to find a way to exclude (a selection of text) from being read by the “Text-to-Speech” feature.
This would be great for read back. In my case "when reviewing a self created fictional timeline using the TTS feature, not having it read the dates of each and every entry would be great!
I feel the annotating selections of text should accomplish this.

if anyone knows of a way to accomplish this already–I’m all ears…

Thanks For Reading.

I think text-to-speech is a Mac, not Scrivener, feature.

If it can/could be done, it would be rather involved. Editor content and formatting depend heavily on RTF specifications.

Edit, Speech, Start/Stop Speaking and Settings. Even on the Windows beta version, which ties into the underlying Windows text-to-speech engine just like the Mac version ties into the MacOS engine.

I do not know of a way to contextually mark text to be always excluded from text to speech – but you can select text and then have Scrivener start speaking, and it should only speak the selected text. Depending on how you format your timeline, you can select a portion of it.

For example, I just played with a sample where I created a two-column table; the left column was the Date column, the right was the Event column. By selecting only the right column, text-to-speech only read out the events and skipped the dates:


Indeed, a valid option.
I figured since the toolbar customization pane has a “Speech Option,” that meant that scrivener had something of its own in place—even if only a tie in…

Thank You.