Exclude texts in Scrivenings mode

Another thing. I sometimes keep older drafts, notes, thoughts and such in the same folder as the scenes I am going to use, just to have easy access to them. However, when I use scrivenings mode, I don’t want to include those. Is there any way mark text as “hidden” so as only to see the texts in use? Otherwise - that would be a great feature. An option not to see hidden texts in the corkboard or outliner would also be very useful.

Thank you for an excellent programme.

There isn’t a simple feature like that, but we do have plans to add one if we can. It may take the form of a modifier click, so that if you click on say the Draft a certain way, the items you see in the editor would only be those set to be included in compile. With a method like that you can then use whichever view mode (such as Scrivenings) to work with the list of items.

Meanwhile, it is a little unwieldy at the moment, but you can use Project Search modes (click on the magnifying glass icon in the search tool) to look for items only in the Draft folder and only if they have been included for compile. You can’t search just for those two criteria though, they are search modes, not searches in their own right. So you do still need something to search for—a space for example, or the letter ‘e’, anything that you’d expect to find everywhere. Note once you’ve done that you can click the magnifying glass again and save the search as a collection tab for future use.

Search results can be displayed into the editor by selecting all of them from the search result list (Ctrl-A works well for that).

Thank you! Glad to hear that you’ve thought of including something like that.